English Hand Made Clay Paving

The natural beauty of clay bricks has often been used to remarkable effect in historic towns and gardens. With their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy use, bricks are the natural choice for driveways, paths and patios where a traditional aesthetic is essential.

Modern purpose made clay pavers and bricks possess the same characteristics and are increasingly being specified to add quality to garden landscapes.

Using clay bricks or pavers means paths, driveways and patios can enhance the visual appearance of your property by complimenting the materials used in construction rather than being just a means of access. As well as enjoying the appearance, clay pavers are extremely durable and unlike many other concrete products, are resistant to damage by oil and petrol spills.

These traditional brick products are made from local Triassic mudstone clay which is found in abundance in the Vale of York. This clay has been used in the area for centuries. Made using state of the art computer controlled kilns and the latest handling equipment.

Brick Pavers

Using brick dimensions which are typically laid on bed but can be used on edge gives an attractive warm finish which blends in perfectly with the soft landscape. This solution offers a number of different patterns for varying aesthetic effect.


This small sized unit enables the designer to create curves or twists in the design. These products are also ideal for small scale landscape projects.

Square Landscape Pavers

The size of our square landscape pavers, 200mm x 200mm offers an alternative solution for the hard landscape.

Garden Edging

Using Italian designs from the Victorian era we offer the designer the chance to vary the treatment of the hard landscape to add interest to the overall effect. The upright edgings are ideal for use as a restraining edge to a drive or path.

Brick Steps

Brick steps in gardens are not only useful, they add interest and delight in their form, colour and pattern. Steps also provide foils for planting, and readily blend with and complement brick walls, driveways, garden paths and patios.

Combine with Resin Bound Surfacing

Clay paving enhances other products when using in combination, particularly resin bound surfacing.